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The Strike- Now Available to Own and Rent!

15 Dec 2016, Posted by efadmin in Film

At last, this seasons most anticipated comedy has arrived just in time for the holiday! Follow the funny on all of your favorite platforms as well as Direct TV, Fios, and other local VOD! iTunes US Google Play Sony Playstation Vimeo Vudu YouTube XBOX

Hollywood Confirms They are Ready to Strike!

10 Dec 2016, Posted by efadmin in Film

Top rated Hollywood publication has confirmed that the industry is ready to Strike with the return of Bronson Pinchot and the recognition of rising star Erin Fogel. The Strike is releasing on Tuesday, 12/13 on most major Digital and Direct TV platforms!

Erin’s Getting “Younger” Over Time…

03 Nov 2016, Posted by efadmin in Television

Darren Star’s hit TVLand series “Younger” is now in its third season and more popular than ever. In episode 306, which aired on 11/2/16, we get to see Erin work opposite formidable comediennes Sutton Foster and Debi Mazar in a memorable cameo that showcased timing and great high energy! Catch it in reruns on TVLand or stream it on Amazon along with the rest of the series.

With only 7 weeks before its worldwide release, “The Strike” is now available for pre-order on iTunes throughout the globe. Be the first to own the film and laugh your way through the holiday! Executive Produced by Erin Fogel Directed and Written by Guillermo Ivan Starring: Erin Fogel, Guillermo Ivan, Paul Calderon, and Bronson Pinchot Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

A South American Premiere with Translucido on 11/11

19 Oct 2016, Posted by efadmin in Film

Ruben has only days left to live…he’s decided that after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he will take his own life. But not before he finishes his bucket list of necessary people and places. Translucido is the beautiful story of life, death, and relationships. Starring Roberto Manrique and directed by Leo Zelig, Erin plays Beatrice- a spiritual healer called upon by Ruben to help him turn his fears into strength so he may pass effortlessly to the other side. Translucido premieres 11/11 in Ecuador before it travels through South America and crosses the US border.