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Before she could even settle back to her yoga studio in NYC, Erin was called upon again by brilliant director, Guillermo Ivan. This time, with a new pilot for a series that digs deep into the hearts of heroic women. A series that showcases tales of injustice, and how we can find the power within ourselves to gain redemption from those who have caused us harm. “The Night Everything Changed”, the pilot episode for TV Azteca’s newest US series, had Erin stretching her character range in a new way. Adorned with mommy clothes and a southern accent, she plays Patricia Sanders, the rock solid best friend to our victims. With subtle, yet sharp performances, this is a show that will…

Golden Ceiba Productions is at it again, only this time, they go beyond this realm… to the paranormal. “Trapped” is the dark and suffocating chronicle of house that has a history. A history that is doomed to repeat itself, when it is stirred by unsuspecting young tenants.

“Rubén has three months to live or, probably, one year and a half with treatment. After a very complex process he decides to kill himself, before the cancer start showing symptoms. In “Thin Walls” we will be witnesses of his fate.” After seeing Erin’s performance in “The Strike”, Venezuelan director Leo Zelig approached Erin with a script titled in two languages, “Thin Walls” aka “Translucido”. With only 8 pages, endless possibilities, and deep character work to gain organic improvisation, Zelig creates a soulful, intense, and spiritual full length theatrical journey of bravery, fear, and transformation. With distribution already in place for 2016, we will count down the moments to see Roberto Manrique and Erin Fogel discover how pain can become…

Own It- the pilot episode!

16 Apr 2015, Posted by efadmin in Television

When two strangers find themselves in the middle of a breakup and homeless at the same time, a reality show offering up a luxurious New York apartment seems like the perfect way out…if they can stand being married to each other. Starring Guillermo Ivan, Erin Fogel, Morgan Lynch, Rheagan Wallace, and Zach Rose.

An Original Series!

28 Mar 2015, Posted by efadmin in Film, Television

With a few weeks to spare before the Film du Marche, Golden Ceiba Productions is celebrating the spring in NYC with a new comedy series that will turn the industry on its head. It’s a show within a show about the people within people. A stylish and authentic showstopper that finally proves what is real and what is merely smoke and mirrors. This cutting edge new series has the industry all abuzz!