The First Glimpse of “The Last Rumba”

14 Jun 2019, Posted by efadmin in Film

If there's one thing Erin can always count on with writer/director Guillermo Ivan, it's that he allows her to play roles that really flex her character muscles. In the Last Rumba, we follow the tale of Cuban musician Nicolas, and his journey to the United States to find fame. Unbeknownst to him, the music agent who promised him the moon has gone missing, leaving behind a scorned wife who is easily rattled. Behind the dingy front door of a hoarders fantasy, Cuban musician Nicolas meets Daisy for an unexpected emotional explosion. The role of Daisy is one that Erin sank her teeth into, and quite literally takes a bite out of Nicolas before throwing him out, sending him on an...

Translucido Makes its USA Theatrical Premiere!

08 Apr 2017, Posted by efadmin in Film

Translucido, a heart swelling drama written and directed by award winning talent Leo Zelig, is starting to make its way theatrically around the world. Already in theatres all over Latin America, it made its USA Premiere with the 18th Annual Havana Film Festival, one of NYCs longest running film gets. With a packed house and tear filled audience, new opportunities nationwide are opening up for this subtle and wrenching drama starring Roberto Manrique. Erin (currently 7.5 months pregnant with her first child) was honored to play opposite the Ecuadorian star as Beatrice, the spiritual healer he calls on to help calm his fears about moving to "the other side". Stay tuned for more news...

The Strike- Now Available to Own and Rent!

15 Dec 2016, Posted by efadmin in Film

At last, this seasons most anticipated comedy has arrived just in time for the holiday! Follow the funny on all of your favorite platforms as well as Direct TV, Fios, and other local VOD! iTunes US Google Play Sony Playstation Vimeo Vudu YouTube XBOX

Hollywood Confirms They are Ready to Strike!

10 Dec 2016, Posted by efadmin in Film

Top rated Hollywood publication has confirmed that the industry is ready to Strike with the return of Bronson Pinchot and the recognition of rising star Erin Fogel. The Strike is releasing on Tuesday, 12/13 on most major Digital and Direct TV platforms!

With only 7 weeks before its worldwide release, "The Strike" is now available for pre-order on iTunes throughout the globe. Be the first to own the film and laugh your way through the holiday! Executive Produced by Erin Fogel Directed and Written by Guillermo Ivan Starring: Erin Fogel, Guillermo Ivan, Paul Calderon, and Bronson Pinchot Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures ...