Own It- the pilot episode!

16 Apr 2015, Posted by efadmin in Television

When two strangers find themselves in the middle of a breakup and homeless at the same time, a reality show offering up a luxurious New York apartment seems like the perfect way out...

An Original Series!

28 Mar 2015, Posted by efadmin in Film, Television

With a few weeks to spare before the Film du Marche, Golden Ceiba Productions is celebrating the spring in NYC with a new comedy series that will turn the industry on its head. It's a show within a show about the people within people. A stylish and authentic showstopper that finally proves what is real and what is merely smoke and mirrors. This cutting edge new series has the industry all abuzz! ...

All man, except for the woman

18 Oct 2012, Posted by efadmin in Television

Erin was on this week’s episode of the Morgan Spurlock, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett hit Yahoo Series Mansome, where House of Jai teaches comedian Johnathan Fernanadez that yoga is definitely for dudes. You can watch the episode and follow along here....