Boardwalk Empire: Season 3

08 Feb 2012, Posted by efadmin in Television

Exciting news, Erin Recurs on Season 3 of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire; Directed by Tim Van Patten. Surrounded by tremendous anticipation, the third season of Boardwalk Empire is set to return to television in September of 2012....


20 Dec 2011, Posted by efadmin in Television

Erin films the role of Claudia, Brian's ball-busting wife, in Ted Nusbaum pilot Dads for Comedy Central. Stay tuned (to Comedy Central), for more updates....

Law & Order: SVU

03 May 2010, Posted by efadmin in Television

Catch Erin get "more than she bargained for" on Law & Order: SVU, episode: Wannabe, directed by David Platt....